Last Laugh Mask- UV Reactive

Zagone Studios

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Just when you thought the dark couldn't get any scarier-Zagone Evil Clown Masks start glowing in the dark! 

If you are looking for a scary, creepy killer of a clown mask, Last Laugh Sock Mask has you covered. 

Made from natural latex components, painted in UV Reactive paint and an attached to a head sock for the utmost in comfort. This ultra creepy Clown Mask is perfect for your haunted house! 

Hand poured, painted and assembled in the US. Copyright BYBY. 

From Bumps in the night to Glowing Ghouls, Zagone UV black light Reactive Masks have you covered! Get your actor the dark! This UV Blue Glow Reactive mask will illuminate your costume! Its large protruding teeth and bulbous Nose give a great scare. Goes great with our UV Blue Glow Reactive Skeleton Hands. Perfect for Halloween and Haunted Houses.