Burn Scar Effect Make-up FX

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Specially formulated gel mixes with warm water to create jelly for a realistic three-dimensional burn scar. Simply mix, apply with a stick, and add makeup and/or blood for a convincing movie-grade special effect at home. Makeup and blood sold separately.

Empty Burn Scar into a small cup or dish. Add hot water and mix to desired consistency. An applesauce-like consistency is found to be most widely used for most effects. Test that the Burn Scar is not too hot for the skin. Apply the material using the wooden stick provided. To create more texture, you may want to roughen up the surface as the Burn Scar begins to dry, by using the wooden stick or Black Stipple Sponge and an up and down stippling motion. Using a cotton swab or brush, apply Cinema Secrets FX Blood Gel to any area you desire to have a thick gooey look. For a more realistic look you can add Cinema Secrets FX Blood, to give you a freshly bleeding look.

Optional Suggestions
For longer wear, after applying the Burn Scar to the skin you may stipple one or two light coats of Cinema Secrets Flesh Latex over the top of the Burn Scar and lightly onto the skin, directly around the area. WARNING: Do Not apply Flesh Latex into Hair as it will NOT come out. For a more realistic effect, after applying the Flesh Latex, you may use a White Makeup Sponge or Black Stipple Sponge to apply Cinema Secrets Injury Stack colors to the burned area. Finally, streak Black Makeup over the top of the piece for the crispy-crunchy look.

Before removing the Burn Scar, the excess blood should be wiped off using a paper towel and warm water. Using a small brush or cotton swab, work a small amount of Cinema Secrets Makeup & Adhesive Remover under the edges of the Burn Scar. Be careful when working around the eyes, to not get any remover or blood in the eyes. Once removed, remove any residual adhesive/makeup, by rubbing more remover into the area. Rinse the skin using a towel and warm water. For additional applications, clean the Burn Scar with soap and water and a small amount of alcohol. Let dry and store out of the damaging rays of direct sunlight.