Clown Nose - Foam


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Send in the clowns! This classic red Foam Clown Nose is a must-have for your Carnival, Circus, Midway, or Rodeo Clown ensemble. Crafted from top-quality foam, this spherical Red Clown Nose fits over the tip of your nose comfortably, transforming you into a cheerful Circus Performer, Jester, Juggler, or Rodeo Clown. You can also give the classic Clown Costume a darker twist. Leave the audience in stitches- literally! Get your scare on, pairing this Foam Clown Nose with one of our freaky Psycho Clown Costumes and some killer accessories for Big Top thrills and chills.

One size fits most teens and adults.

Includes: Nose
Dimensions: 2" Diameter