Reusable Custom Mold Making Material

Composi Mold

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Reusable Mold Making for soft casting materials such as soap, wax, fondant, and chocolate. Flexible and low bubble formations. ComposiMold-Flex is a very flexible, rubbery mold making material.

It is a 100% reusable mold making material that works by melting and pouring. Many casts can be made using the same mold. It is an excellent material for those wanting to learn and become involved in mold making without having to worry about mistakes or wasting material. ComposiMold-Flex is a flexible, rubbery, thermoplastic that is great for parts that require a more flexible mold making material. It is compatible with many different casting materials including clays, plaster, cement, epoxy, polyurethane, and many others.

ComposiMold-Flex is food Safe! REMELT and REUSE over 35X!


The Easy Make It is a 100% Reusable, Eco-friendly Rubber (biopolymer) made from non-petroleum based materials (safe for you and the environment!) that is certified safe for food contact!