Super Girl Costume Ruffle Tutu Skirt


$ 15.50 
SKU: 35077

Looking for a way to feel super while doing housework, out dancing, running a 4 minute mile, or fighting crime and injustice? We've got the article of clothing for you: the tutu! It's the perfect combination of feminine grace and kickass. Because you can literally kick butt while wearing it. It's that comfortable.
These are labeled "One size fits most," but we took all the measurements to better define "most." You know why we did that? Because you're super and you deserve it!
Inner lining length 12.5", overall length (with frills) is 15"
Waist stretches from 26" - 43"
Smaller ladies: As long as your hips are 26"+, this will fit
Larger ladies: As long as your hips are under 44", this will fit.