Fabulous 50's Door Cover


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The Fabulous 50's Door Cover

Is your room already decorated in the 50's Insta-Theme, but you still need something to put on your door? Get The Fabulous 50's Door Cover and hide the plain door underneath. Once your guests walk up to your door, they will realize how much effort you put into your party and get excited to walk into a 50's soda shop/diner. the Fabulous 50's Door Cover shows a jukebox printed on the same pattern as the back drops for the insta-theme and has a "The Fabulous 50's"  sign above the jukebox. This door cover is made of a thin plastic material, so all you have to do is tape it up (test a small area first). It covers roughly an area of thirty inches by five feet, so it will fit on most doors. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.