Modeling Putty Wax w/ Fixative


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  • -Thicker & stiffer version of Extra Flesh

  • -Creates 3-dimensional make-ups

  • -Warts, Moles, Scars & Padding

  • Enlarges noses, chins and other features!
  • This set will enable you to create 3-dimensional effects for character makeup. The Modeling Wax/Putty (.3 oz.) is a new formula that is made to be more flexible that regular Modeling Wax and allows for smaller, finer details when creating character effects on performers.

    This carded combination also gives you easy to apply non-toxic Fixative A (.125 oz.) by Mehron to adhere your Modeling Wax/Putty without mess. This carded Modeling Wax/Putty with Fixative A is packaged for smaller Special Effects Makeup Applications.