Diamonds in The Rough Silicone Cake Mold

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SKU: MMS-1802

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Dimensions: 6.28" x 4"

The Diamonds in the Rough Simpress™ creates a intensely faceted, rock candy like cake decorating texture that transcends any conventional patterns used in the past. This completely original design was inspired by the organic beauty of natural diamonds and reflect the master craftsmanship only Mother Nature can provide. This texture is absolutely stunning as the large, irregular facets reflect light in many different directions creating an opulent, elemental appeal that simply draws one to it for closer inspection. The Diamonds in the Rough Simpress™ creates a texture that can be exquisite for wedding cakes, edgy for modern cakes, craggy and jagged for geode cakes, and natural and rustic for cakes with a natural theme. The appeal of this awesome texture can be greatly amplified when colored with any metallic treatment as the natural angular structure simply explodes with reflected light creating a visual presence that cannot be ignored.