Nordic Ware Anniversary Bundt Cake Pan

Nordic Ware

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Make their favorite Bundt cakes with this Nordic Ware 10.5-in. 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Nonstick Bundt Pan. This is the same type of pan that has been used for generations to turn out beautifully sculpted Bundt cakes that are table ready, even without frosting; just dust it with powdered sugar or cocoa or drizzle icing down its sides and it's ready to serve. This cake pan is made from cast aluminum that is specially heat responsive to encourage an even rise and a deliciously golden brown crust. The iconic design of the pan, with its unique hole in the center, eliminates the soggy middle sometimes associated with heavy cakes and ensures your cake bakes quickly and evenly. The inside of the Bundt pan has a nonstick coating so that your cake releases beautifully from the pan every time. It is equipped with two handles for ease in putting it in the oven and taking it back out again. This 10.5-inch pan holds up to 15 cups of batter, which makes it the right pan for most Bundt cake recipes. The pan is made in the USA, and it comes with a lifetime warranty from Nordic Ware to ensure that you will enjoy it for many years to come. 


  • Crafted from commercial-quality cast aluminum for optimal baking results
  • Interior of this Bundt pan is coated with nonstick so that your cake doesn't stick
  • Made in the USA
  • Holds up to 15 cups of batter to accommodate most recipes