Medium Helium Tank Rental


$ 170.00 

You're $ 70.00 away from free shipping!


Blows up Approx. 195 Latex 11" Balloons 

3 Day Rental

$65 Refundable Deposit

Must be picked up at our store location in Gainesville, GA. Please include in order notes your 3 day rental period needed. Refundable security deposit will be taken upon pick up of the helium tank.

  •  After 3 days there is a surcharge of 0.85 cents per day until the Helium Tank and Regulator are Returned.        
  • All Helium Tank Rentals Require a Valid Driver’s License and a REFUNDABLE Security Deposit. Security Deposits must be paid in cash or credit/debit. We will not accept personal checks. Security Deposits are returned to the customer when the Helium Tanks and Regulators are both returned.

Your rental includes a regulator.

Approximate Tank Dimensions: Height: 3'3", Diameter: 7", Weight: 45-65 Pounds

Here is an approximation for latex balloons:
9"- 360 balloons
11"- 195 balloons 
12" 150 balloons 
14"- 95 balloons 
18"- 45 balloons
36"- 5 balloons 

We also offer monthly helium rentals. You can find out more about becoming a long term helium client by calling our storefront: 770-534-0554.

Delivery/ Pick Up is an extra fee based on mileage from our store. Standard delivery rates are for deliveries made Monday-Friday between 10:30am -5:30pm and 9:30am -1:30 pm on Saturday. Sunday and after hours deliveries may be available for an additional charge. 

***Inhaling helium can be very dangerous, resulting in injury. We strongly advise you not to inhale helium or let guests, especially children, inhale it. The number of balloons your tank will fill depends on the size of your balloons, how much you inflate each balloon and how much helium you waste while filling them.