Peppermint Candy Crunch for Peppermint Bark | 1 lb

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Delicious RED and GREEN Peppermint candy crunch for melting chocolates! Great to be used in chocolate molds, holiday barks, and more!

 Includes one 1 lb. bag of red and green candy crunch.

VERY popular Christmas item for making peppermint barks! This item will sell out FAST!

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Delicious chunks of red and green peppermint ready to add to your favorite cookie, candy and other treats. It is also great on top of ice cream! Easy candy recipe: Melt 3 pounds of Mercken's white candy coating and then stir in 1 bag of peppermint crunch. Spread on waxed paper and allow to set. When set, break apart and eat! Gorgeous at Christmas time, delicious anytime! Also adding our LorAnn peppermint oil makes it extra tasty!

Perfect gift idea for friends and family!